Wood Melbourne

Tres 3-hole backplate

$187.00 inc. GST

Tres 3-hole backplate in marble
Tres 3-hole backplate in marble, shown with Mabel marble/brass taps and Jo-Hannah Long brass spout
Tres 3-hole backplate in marble, shown with Olympia concrete/black taps and Jo-Hannah Long spout in black

Wood Melbourne

Tres 3-hole backplate

$187.00 inc. GST

The Tres 3-hole backplate is designed for use with wall-mounted taps and spout. Elegant and minimalist, it brings a modern and understated touch to your bathroom.

The Tres comes with an in-wall breech to fit standard Australian plumbing.

Available in marble, concrete, timber, brass and electroplated brass finishes including matte black.

All Tres backplates 300mm wide x 50mm high

Thickness varies between materials:

Brass/Matte black/plated 3mm

Marble 20mm

Concrete/Timber 25mm

Timber with brass/plated cover 24mm

Is concrete right for me? The natural finish on concrete pieces gives a smooth but textured finish; hairline cracks and variations in colour and texture appear throughout - this is inherent in the design and does not impact the function or durability. We will never send out any products that do not meet our strict standards of quality.

Brass Brass is made from combined zinc and copper and often contains variation of colour including flecks of silvers and coppers through golden brass. All our brass products are available in raw brass, sealed brass or colour-plated brass. Raw brass will naturally patina over time and create changes in shine and colour; sealed brass will stay brighter and shinier. Matte Black plated brass is now available as a finish or contact us for a custom colour finish of your choice.

Please note, we are currently experiencing longer lead times. Please allow 8-12 weeks from confirmation of your order. Products will be available from late August / mid September 2017. 

Get in touch for a lead time estimate: hello@woodmelbourne.com