Spring special - taps!

Up to 25% off Wood Melbourne taps this Spring

We're all stocked up and ready to make! Spring is everyone's favourite time to renovate, so to help you get started we're offering a Spring special on all orders of Wood Melbourne taps from now until the end of the October.

Your choice of taps from the Wood Melbourne range - any style, any finish, any backplate

1 pair - 10% off
2 pair - 15%off
3 pair - 20% off
4 or more pair - 25% off

Confirm your order by 31 October to make use of this special offer.

Offer applies to all Wood Melbourne tap styles including brass, timber, concrete and marble features. Raw, sealed and aged brass options available. View the range of Wood Melbourne taps here. 

Email us with your Wishlist and we'll send a quote through to you -  Get in Touch below.