The Workshop

Spending time in my workshop is very important to me. I am a self professed timber nut and I can often be found tinkering and experimenting at all hours with all types of timber in my workshop. 

The workshop is a corrugated iron clad steel shed, with a crushed rock floor. Steel shelves line the walls, with all sizes and species of recycled timber stacked up.

There are 3 main work areas inside the 9m long x 2.6m wide workshop:
- First area has the planing and thicknessing bench and extractor
- Second has the cutting bench (where most of the work is done)
- Third has the finishing bench, used for sanding and oiling

There's lots of openings with light, which is awesome. The workshop is situated on a 1/4 acre block which is used as an office and store area for Balance Enviro revegetation crew.

I love my workshop, I guess it is my man cave in some ways.

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